DAIS'03           CONFERENCE          PROGRAM
Can concurrency and distribution become easy ? Bertrand Meyer
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Adaptation - Separation of Concerns

Towards a Framework for Self-Adaptive Component-Based Applications 

Pierre-Charles David, Thomas Ledoux

A scheme for the introduction of 3rd party application specifc adaptation features in mobile service provision

Nikos Houssos,  Nancy Alonistioti,  Lazaros Merakos 

Brenda : Towards a composition framework for non orthogonal non functional properties 

Mikaël Beauvois

Meta-Programming middleware for distributed object computing (short paper) 

Peter Breitling


Middleware Support for Resource-Constrained Software Deployment

Nicolas Le Sommer, Frédéric Guidec

Rational server selection for mobile agents 

Carsten Pils, Stefan Diepolder

Facilitating the Portability of User Applications in Grid Environments

Paul Kolano

Negotiation as a Generic Component Coordination Primitive

Jean Marc Andreoli, Stefania Castellani

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Security - Transactions

Jironde: A Flexible Framework for Making Components Transactional

Marek Prochazka

A Security Architectural Approach for Risk Assessment using Multi-Agent Systems Engineering

Gustavo Santana Torrellas

Middleware Support for Non-repudiable Transactional Information Sharing between Enterprises (short paper)

Nick Cook, Santosh Shrivastava, Stuart Wheater

Adaptable Access Control Policies for Medical Information Systems (short paper)

Tine Verhanneman, Liesbeth Jaco, Bart De Win, Frank Piessens, Wouter Joosen

Middleware? Muddleware! Andrew Herbert
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Client-side Component Caching: A Flexible Mechanism for Optimized Component Attribute Caching 

Christoph Pohl, Alexander Schill

A Variable Cache Consistency Protocol for Mobile Systems using Time-Locks

Abhinav Vora, Zahir Tari, Peter Bertok

DataWarp: Building applications which make progress in an inconsistent world ((short paper)

Peter Henderson, Robert Walters,  Stephen Crouch,  Qinglai Ni

Hand-Over Video Cache Policy for Mobile Users (short paper)

D. Charlet, P. Chatonnay,  F. Spies

Research Challenges of Autonomic Computing   David Chambliss
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Networking and routing

Planning for Network-Aware Paths

Xiaodong Fu,  Vijay Karamcheti

Integrating the Unreliable Multicast Inter-ORB Protocol in MJaco

Alysson Neves Bessani, Lau Cheuk Lung, Joni da Silva Fraga, Alcides Calsavara 

A-Gate: A System of Relay and Translation Gateways for Communication among Heterogeneous Agents in Ad Hoc Wireless Environments 

L. K. Wickramasinghe, S. Loke, A. Zaslavsky, L. D. Alahakoon

Domain Specific Languages: Components in a Semantic Framework  Alan Cameron Wills
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Discovery - Context-awareness - Ontology

Scalable Location Management for Context-Aware Systems

Jadwiga Indulska, Ted McFadden, Matthias Kind, Karen Henricksen

CoOL:A Context Ontology Language to enable Contextual Interoperability

Thomas Strang, Claudia Linnhoff-Popien, Korbinian Frank

Discovering Web Services Using Behavioural Constraints and Ontology 

Natenapa Sriharee, Twittie Senivongse

Requirements for Personal Information Agents in the Semantic Web (short paper)

Wolfgang Woerndl

Towards an Intuitive Interface for Tailored Service Compositions (short paper)

Steffen Higel, Tony O'Donnell, Dave Lewis,Vincent Wade

Asynchronous Messenging

Context-Based Addressing: The Concept and an Implementation for Large-Scale Mobile Agent Systems Using Publish-Subscribe Event Notification

Seng Wai Loke, Amir Padovitz, Arkady Zaslavsky

Exploiting Proximity in Event-Based Middleware for Collaborative Mobile Applications

René Meier, Vinny Cahill

A Flexible Middleware Layer for User-to-User Messaging 

Jan-Mark Wams, Maarten van Steen