DAIS FMOODS '03 Events objectives


Objectives: the co-location of the 2003 vintages of the FMOODS and DAIS conferences will provide an excellent  opportunity to the participants for a wide and comprehensive  exchange of  ideas within the domain of Distributed Systems and Applications.  FMOODS and  DAIS both  address this domain, the former with its emphasis on formal approaches, the latter on  practical solutions. Combining  them at  a  single  venue  means  that  both theoretical foundations  and  practical issues  will be presented and discussed.  Reconfigurability  and  Component  based design are among the topics emphasised this year,  along  with the many  open issues related to  openness and  interoperability of  distributed systems  and  applications.  Participants to  the federated event will be offered one  single registration  and will be free to choose between DAIS and FMOODS sessions.