Invited Talk   at    DAIS - FMOODS 2003   -    20  November 2003

Research Challenges of Autonomic Computing

by     David Chambliss 

The increasing complexity of computing systems is beginning to overwhelm the capabilities of software developers and system administrators to design, evaluate, integrate, and manage these systems. Major software and system vendors are concluding that the only viable long-term solution is to create computer systems that manage themselves, often referred to as autonomic computing systems.

I will describe how IBM Research is using a services-oriented architecture and a set of industry scenarios to coordinate a large, diverse autonomic computing research effort. Realizing the dream of autonomic computing will require innovation to meet challenges across a broad span of disciplines, including human-computer interaction (interfaces, policies, etc.), systems architecture, software engineering, problem localization and remediation, security, artificial intelligence (agents, learning, knowledge representation, negotiation, planning, etc.) and mathematics (optimization, emergent behavior, etc.). I will discuss several of these fundamental challenges and how they relate to projects in IBM.